Haifa-Nazareth LRT

This is a nationally important infrastructure megaproject (valued at approx. NIS 8 billion) that connects several localities across northern Israel and that will enhance mobility among them. This approx. 41 km long project will connect the Haifa metropolitan area with the Nazareth/Nazareth Illit region.

Value of construction:
NIS 7 billion
Construction period:
Since 2019
Project Manager:
Koby Rosenberg
Trans Israel Highway
Scope of work:
A LRT (tram train) between Nazareth and Haifa that will connect localities in the Nazareth-Haifa Bay conurbation.
Design and construction management of 18 stations and approx. 30 bridges/passages along the alignment, of which approx. 8 stations along 7 km of track will be in urban segments and approx. 11 stations along 34 km will be in intercity segments.
Design and construction of a depot and control center complex in Kiryat Ata.
Description of services:
- Design management
- General budget management
- Construction management & supervision
- Timetable management
- Progress payment and final payment control
Complexity of the project:
The line passes through 8 local authorities, requiring extensive coordination work.
The line is divided into segments, requiring work with several different contractors and control over a number of different construction sites.
Complex traffic arrangements.

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