About Us

About Us

Dana Engineering was established in 1994 and was acquired in 2019 by the Matrix Group.

The company is managed by Dan Holzman since 1994.

We have been engaged for over 27 years in the management of design and construction of infrastructure and building projects, starting from the design phase through handover to the client.

Our professional staff includes civil engineers, architects, economists, electrical engineers, safety engineers, industrial management engineers and consultants in the fields of scheduele, risk and enviroment, all specializing in the management and supervision of complex infrastructure projects from their early stages through their completion and opening for public use.

Our fields of expertise

Design management Design management

We provide management services in all of its aspects from the city outline plan stage, through management of initial and preliminary design, including the management of statutory processes, preparation of programs and selection of alternatives, client representation at public authorities, coordination between designers and infrastructure entities, budget management, risk management and schedule. including consultation in the writing of contracting tenders and the management of tendering processes.

Construction management and supervision Construction management and supervision

Management and supervision of the execution of complex transportation megaprojects, including track and railway station construction, roadways, interchanges, bridges, tunnels, infrastructure projects and residential neighborhood development. Management and coordination with public authorities and utilities, management and supervision of contractor performance, until the completion of the project and opening for public use.

Engineering and budgetary control Engineering and budgetary control

Performance of engineering and budgetary control of projects in the design and/or construction phases including monitoring of project estimates, construction availability, construction staging, and control of invoices, budget and timetables. We provide control services for the Ministry of Transport & Road Safety on many local authorities throughout Israel.

Management company Management company

We act as the managerial and operational arm for several governmental ministries (transportation, housing and economics), specializing in the management of infrastructure projects including roads, residential neighborhoods and industrial zones. These are highly complexs projects that are planned and executed each year, whose complexity stems primarily from the extensive coordination work associated with them.

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