Tel Aviv LRT – The Green Line

Design and construction management of a 39 km long light rail line (of which 34.5 km at grade and 4.5 km underground) passing through four local authorities (Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Holon and Rishon Lezion). This project is divided into 5 segments and includes 64 stations.

Our services include inter alia management of the entire LRT line including 42 sub-segments, managing five PM companies, designers and contractors.

Also, managing expediting land availability (relocation of utilities, clearances and expropriations), all stages of design management, budget management, construction management of the five project segments, timetable management, risk management, and tendering processes.

Value of construction:
NIS 19.6 billion
:Construction period
Since 2017
Project Manager:
Natan Sinik
NTA Metropolitan Mass Transit System
Complexity of the project:
Work in a dense urban environment in immediate proximity to very old structures and businesses including the handling of environmental and community issues, frequent changes in traffic arrangements during stages of construction, delays due to utility relocations, control over a range of construction sites.
Description of services:
Management of all stages of the design
Project budget management.
Construction management of all five project segments
Timetable management, risk management, tendering processes, etc.

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